Monday, November 23, 2009

Mochamotor and other additions to Webster's

While Will is talking up a storm all day long, I might add, some of his words are creative to say the least. We enjoy trying to figure out what the actual vocabulary might be and usually we are close. Yesterday Will and Joe were playing "train" through the rooms in the house. Each of them would have a turn being the engine or as Joe (Mr. English Major) told him, the locomotive. Will comes racing through the kitchen shouting, "Mommy, I'm the mochamotor!" Honestly I was hoping that meant a chocolate making machine, alas!

On this same topic some of Will's favorite flying machines are "hepildoctors". You are familiar with such things... they take off perpendicular to the ground and have rotars... that's right heilocopters! And did you know that the emergency vehicle often seen racing down the street to a hospital is called an "ambience"? I hope that they have a terrific atmosphere of healing should I ever be transported in one.

There is only one more I will add... Will has a new set of zoo animals. We go through each one and name the animal. Until last week I was unaware of the new species of "rhinociteosaurusus" (rhino-cit-o-saur-us-us). I think we have been talking too much about animals and dinosaurs that he is perhaps getting them confused. Either that or Will just has a really bad cold!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Let me begin by saying that Will's behavior in church has always been a bit suspect but we have managed to move to the "acceptable for a three year old" range until last Sunday! Yesterday was much better but last Sunday was perhaps his worst ever... who knows what prompted the wild toddler act perhaps it was the fact that Halloween was the night before. That could have been the issue! For whatever reason Will was AWFUL in church.

Whenever Will is not behaving appropropriately in church Joe will take him out into the vestibule. Usually they sit out there and have a discussion about why they left and what Will needs to do in order to return to the pew with me. In this case not only did they go out to the vestibule they also went for a walk into the old school building. Will continued to misbehave as they walked past the old cafeteria. Inside the cafeteria a group of people were setting up for the K of C breakfast that is held after the 9:30am mass. Joe sat Will down on one of the benches in between the cafeteria doors and the restroom. All of a sudden there was a loud "CRASH, BANG!" from the cafeteria. Will stopped for a minute, looked at Joe and asked, " What that sound was Daddy?" (He actually does talk a bit like Yoda sometimes.) Without missing a beat, or so he thought, Joe responded with, "That is probably Jesus coming to see why you are not behaving in church!" Will waited just a minute and then said in a matter of fact manner, " That not Jesus, Daddy. Jesus not walk. He on cross."

As Joe relayed this story to me after mass I asked him what his response was. He said, " I didn't have any. At that point I thought it best just to move on." So it goes... sometimes you just have to move on.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

William P- The Musical!!!!

"Something exciting. Something inviting. Something for everyone! A comedy by Will!" Ever since Will really began to notice sounds he has been drawn to music and singing of any kind, good or bad. He loves it all! We and our families have provided him with all sorts of musical toys, instruments, CD's and such, as yet mercifully no drums... I am hopeful we can avoid classifying a drum as an instrument. We'll see?

Preschool has brought a new level of musical awareness. Will is now old enough to learn songs! He has mastered "old Wabash" much to Joe's delight and is now working on entire repertoire. Lately, our family has been treated to what I refer to as Preschool Preludes. As we go through the day doing our usual mundane things Will suddenly breaks out into song... just like in a musical! These songs are the things he learns in preschool... one day he was sitting in the back seat of the car as Joe drove and began singing, " What's the weather? What's the weather? What's the weather outside? Is it sunny or rainy or cloudy outside?" Apparently, they sing this everyday. Yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa's house after lunch he went into the kitchen and started singing a days of the week song. It was the first time we had heard this one... "How many days are in a week? How many days are in a week? How many days are in a week? There are seven days in a week! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday Thursday, Monday then comes Saturday! (As you may notice the lyrics need a bit of work but well... it's a new song!)

With Christmas coming I have no doubt that he will be singing up a storm. We have already listened to one ( an only one) holiday music CD! I am trying to hold him off just a bit. But he is right now in the background singing "Up on the Housetop" complete with hand motions thanks to some very early holiday commercial... uugh!

All this does make me wonder if the future holds school programs where Joe and I sit in the audience waiting for Will's class to perform and realize that THAT child who is over emphasizing, all the lyrics and choreography with great enthusiasm is yes, in fact our son! HMMMMM! Let's just say Will may espouse the " life is stage" philosophy.