Monday, November 23, 2009

Mochamotor and other additions to Webster's

While Will is talking up a storm all day long, I might add, some of his words are creative to say the least. We enjoy trying to figure out what the actual vocabulary might be and usually we are close. Yesterday Will and Joe were playing "train" through the rooms in the house. Each of them would have a turn being the engine or as Joe (Mr. English Major) told him, the locomotive. Will comes racing through the kitchen shouting, "Mommy, I'm the mochamotor!" Honestly I was hoping that meant a chocolate making machine, alas!

On this same topic some of Will's favorite flying machines are "hepildoctors". You are familiar with such things... they take off perpendicular to the ground and have rotars... that's right heilocopters! And did you know that the emergency vehicle often seen racing down the street to a hospital is called an "ambience"? I hope that they have a terrific atmosphere of healing should I ever be transported in one.

There is only one more I will add... Will has a new set of zoo animals. We go through each one and name the animal. Until last week I was unaware of the new species of "rhinociteosaurusus" (rhino-cit-o-saur-us-us). I think we have been talking too much about animals and dinosaurs that he is perhaps getting them confused. Either that or Will just has a really bad cold!!!

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