Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Two Sides of Will

I will begin by admitting that my son has both a public and private personna. For this reason I believe that in the future should Will have any interest in becoming a politician he has the potential for success.(Of course we all know which side of the aisle he will espouse, after all he is with me much more than he is with Joe) We see his private personna all the time... some parts are sweet and cozy and some well.... let's just say he lets it all hang out!

Apparently his public personna is quite awesome especially when neither Joe nor I are around to witness. The reports I get from preschool are glowing... Will listens, Will follows directions, Will participates with lots of the other children, He is so sweet. I have to think... are they talking about the same Will that stomps his feet and yells "no" at the top of his lungs if I even suggest that he stop what he is doing to change gears? I suppose the answer is indeed yes and follows in a long one of children who do the same. He is also unbelieveably cooperative at the doctor and the dentist. He sits, does exactly what they ask him to do, and chats pleasantly with the nurse/hygenist. They all think he is "just soooo cute".

The only exception to this is Church on Sunday. If we can get to the point at which communion is distributed we consider it a major victory and we leave directly after communion so as not to prolong the agony ( for those around us). Yes, we adhere to the not commonly known Roman Catholic tradtition of "Host and Coast". Perhaps Will does not acknowledge that church is a public place or he is so comfortable at Church that he does not feel the need to project a favorable image... who knows? And about the grocery store.... don't even get me started, it's a lost cause.

Many tell me that some day I will look back on the days of quick church exits after having jumped off the kneeler for the third time and reminders of two quarters to "ride Bob the Builder" if grocery store behavior merits with nostalgia... I'll let you all know when that kicks in.... I'm guessing not for a while.

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