Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hands on My Ears, Hands on My Ears....

Can't hear the buzzer with my hands on my ears! That may be Will's current theme song. The habit developed the first time we took him to Wabash basketball game in December. He heard the buzzer sound, put his hands on his ears and refused to take them off for the entire and I mean entire game!!!! He played, and ate popcorn (like a dog-no hands)but never once took his hands off of his ears until we had completely left the gym.

This has continued for weeks. He has gone to several more games and done the same thing! We have ruled out ear infection and real auditory issues. Although I do beleieve that he is developing the "three year old selective hearing" skill. Well honed I am told by the early teen years! Joe and I have been really concerned as of late and took him to the doctor yesterday.

Here is what our sainted doctor told me, " This is a phase. There is nothing physically wrong however, many children do become more sensitive to sound around age three. In all likelyhood he will just grow out of it. Continue to take him to games and he ought to desensitize in the process." Great!!! So chalk one up to the frantic mom who thinks there must be more to this.

We have purchased ear plugs, ear muffs (ear mumps a la Will)and had Dr. Douglas tell Will directly that while the buzzer is indeed loud, it WILL NOT HURT HIM. We shall see... there is a game tomorrow night.

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  1. Same issues with Jacob! He HATES loud noises: buzzers, sirens, dogs, thunder. THUNDER! It has gotten much better, but he used to sleep with his hands over his ears through storms -- holding them to hard to his head that his little hands and head were all sweaty. He doesn't do that anymore thankfully, but every once in a while, a sudden loud noise will have his hands back up there.