Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apples, Apples, and more Apples

Yesterday we went on an annual trip to the Apple Orchard. It was a beautiful fall day... clear, sunny and just a bit on the cool side. Will was excited because we had to leave early, pick up Grandma and Grandpa Nowak and then head about 40 minutes down the road to the orchard.

I am not sure which Will enjoyed more, "pickin' the apples from the branches" or "We go play with the farm doggies, now?" He climbed trees, picked apples off trees that were absolutlely loaded with apples, played in the hay mow and selected several very interesting gourds from the bins. It was a great day! The only ones who were happy to see our orchard time end were the farm doggies because Will was convinced that they all wanted to play with him... not that he wanted to play with them.

He was soooo tired that he had a very hard time staying awake at the restaurant we went to for lunch. It is a funny tradition that we go to a place called Gray's Cafeteria for fried chicken or pork tenderloins. Not exactly a low cal option but I probably eat fried chicken twice a year so it isn't that awful. Will was intrigued by the cafeteria experience as well as the size of the restaurant. I am thinking that the fascincation with cafeterias will be short lived... ahh well.... he is only three and it was his first time.

Today at preschool they even did some stamp painting with apples and he was apparently able to retell his apple orchard adventures... he did a bit of embellishment when it came to the tree climbing. At least I know that they didn't really think that I would let him climb to the top of the tree "all by himself" and "throw" the apples down. I am, however quite happy that he remembered as much of the day as he did.

The weekend will bring yet another football game at Wabash so ... off we go to try out my new apple peeler machine.... hmmmm ... exactly how smart is this idea?

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