Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is This Normal?

Just a few minutes ago Joe and I were getting dinner ready and Will was playing with several of his toys which, surprise, includes a couple of dolls. Yes, Joe knows about this! A couple were mine as a child and one is a boy who wears work boots and a baseball hat! Anyway... he was pretending to cook at his kitchen and suddenly he turns to one of the dolls and says, "Enough!" he takes the doll's teddy bear and walks into our kitchen. Joe and I were standing at the counter. He looks at us and announces, " My friend is not being nice. His bear is in time-out!" Then he walks back to the doll and says, " You are still happy? I take 'way your hammer, too!" (this doll wears a tool belt).

Joe looks at me with a shocked expression... " Is that normal?" he asks. "Yes" I said, "don't worry. It is perfectly normal for him to exact a similar punishment on his dolls as we do to him. "

Let's just say that Will's behavior at Mass this morning.... less than stellar! I think he was looking for a moment to even the score at least in his three year old mind! Pretty funny...

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