Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Explanations... Always Explanations!

So many people tell me some day I will look back and wish for these days. Really? Sometimes I find that hard to believe! I love my little "Will-Will" dearly, but seriously there are many things that he is doing current.y that make me think people just don't remember the age of three very well. That in and of itself gives me hope!

Lately.. one of Will's less than endearing habits is to argue any explanation. "Mommy, why is that guy mowing his yard?" Me, "Because his grass was too tall." "No! It is because he have walnuts in his yard." "Excuse me, what!? We do have walnuts in our yard but that is not why we mow the yard. We mow it because the grass grows too tall." "No, Mommy it is because of walnuts!" This can go on for some time and for many things like colors or types of trucks. The other day he insisted that the fifth wheel camper we saw as we were driving was carrying horses and cows. I am sure this is probably a sign that he is smart and thinking and will not be easily swayed by others opinions... but right now I would just like him to accept an answer and be happy with it.

While I am on the subject of currently irritating behaviors, Will's lack of interest in ANY of his toys is right there at the top of the list. He is usually busy with something that involves getting into whatever project, space, or square inch that I happen to be. This is ridiculous to the point of insanity (mine) because he has more than a few toys that include everything from stuffed animals to monster trucks and anything in between. In the past few days I have told him that his toys will be disappearing if he does not care for them and that Santa Claus will not bring new ones if I tell him that Will is a child who does not like or want toys. Honestly, I wonder if there really are children who don't like toys and don't care to play with them! Please say no.... please say no.... I guess it is time for me to get the "red phone"(an antique rotary dial phone with picture of a train engine) down to prove that I can indeed call Santa if I so choose. It worked for my first graders when I was teaching... surely I won't have to explain that, or will I?

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  1. Our Will went through the same phase. When he was two he would play by himself for long stretches of time with his toys. But at some point when he was three, this shut off. Few toys had any interest for him unless we were right there with him. He preferred to hang around and ask questions instead of playing. Unfortunately this phase lasted quite a while for us... but he eventually moved on and is back to playing in his room with Lightning McQueen