Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Gators

A while ago, back in the summer, I asked Will what he wanted to be for Halloween. He said he wanted to be a football player. This amazingly remained the same for months! I thought "great" this will be easy he can be Wabash player and I can go over to the bookstore and get a jersey, right? WRONG! They don't make Wabash jerseys for 3 year olds, go figure? Every other college has small jerseys but none for Wabash... so next on the list.

Some of you may know that we have a connection in Gainesville, Fl. My sister and brother-in-law are closely associated with the University of Florida (Go Gators!) Sorry, reflex action! Low and behold for Will's birthday they sent him of all things... a Gator jersey and not just ANY Gator jersey but a "Tebow" jersey! Whoo hoo, Halloween costume back on track! Because of Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bob Will is well versed in all things Gator. He knows the song " We are the boys of Old Florida" almost as well as "Old Wabash", he knows the "Rama Jama" cheer and my sister's personal favorite "It's Great to be a Florida Gator"... oh... and he can CHOMP with the best of them. And he can pick Tim Tebow out in magazine photos! All in all he is as big a Gator fan as a three year old can be. So moving on with the costume assembly. I figured that all I needed were football pants (check) and a helmet. Joe found the pants in a dress-up Colts uniform set and a Colts helmet. What I did not think about was that there is not a huge call for "Gator orange" paint in the midwest. I spent many hours in lots of home improvement stores looking for the correct orange. With a little help from some tinted primer I was able to paint the helmet and the Gainesville group provided the script helmet sitcker. We are set to go.

He wore the costume for the first time last week to the Children's Museum party and we added one more detail that apparently, for Will made the costume- eye black! I was instructed not to write the Phil 4:13 that Tebow writes on the stickers because Joe did not want to invite those sorts of conversations so we chose "Tebow Time" Will LOVES the eye black ( a proud dad moment) He looks at himself from all angles in the mirror in our room and then proclaims himself "really cool". That's really what we were going for a cool, fun costume! And I bet he will be the ONLY Tim Tebow this Halloween in Crawfordsville. Oh yeah... and just to finish out the look we have a Heisman trophy for him to carry and Joe, well.... Joe is going to be Urban Meyer... his costume you ask? A UF (Go Gators!) baseball hat. I can only do so much!

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