Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthdays are .... ugh!

As I sit down to wrrite this today I am not in the greatest frame of mind. Today is my 40th birthday and while I am happily listening to Will use his "yackuum" cleaner all over the house talking to our dog, I am reminded of just how... well...

My mother was almost 40 when I was born and that does make me feel better as I see her still very active, with exercise classes, maintaining their home, and generally running the house (the way it has always been). My dad is also quite active at 85, but let's face facts, he never ran the house and never will!! On the flip side my husband Joe's parents were 40 when Joe was a Junior at Wabash College and his brother was a freshman at Butler University. Wow, just Wow! And we have a 3 year old!!!!

In the past months I have been referred to as Will's Grandmother more times than I care to admit and have been asked if I have a son the the Wabash football team I suppose that is possible.

As I. look to the future I hope Will is able to keep me young.At some point I will embrace this age that I find for the first time in my life a bit depressing. I am hopeful that by the time Will is 40 that he will have accomplished far more in his 40 years than I have in mine, that many of the things that we worry about today money, diseases, wars etc... will be distant memories. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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