Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ever since Will has begun preschool he has become very interested in letters of the alphabet and spelling. I am happy to see that he is making the connection between the two and is also showing signs that he is interested in learning to read. Yes, I do realize that he is only 3, and is not ready to read, but the interest and understanding that letters of the alphabet are somehow connected to words on a page makes me happy. Anyway, I digress.... Will and I were playing together with his magnetic letters and he finds the letter "W". Immediately he point it out as a "W" and asks me to make his name. Then he spells his name for me, "W-I-L-L" I told him that was correct his name is spelled W-I-L-L! He waited a minute then he said, " I like the W best." "Great", I said, " I like the W as well and I am proud that you know how to spell your name Will, W-I-L-L!" He waited a moment and then said, "Not Will, Mommy. I like W best. Just call me W!" I began to laugh and then very firmly told him that under no circumstances is anyone in THIS house going to be using "W" as an actual name. His name is Will NOT "W"! some day I hope to be able to explain this conversation to him and if I am good at my work... his response will be, " Thanks, Mom! I couldn't imagine if you had called me "W". People might have thought that I was actually named after him! YIKES!" That is if I have done my job in counteracting all opposing influences.... HMMMMMM.

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