Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jude's Birthday Party, Really!

Yesterday was Will's buddy (BFF) Jude's Third birthday party. Let me begin by saying that this is the first time Will has been invited to a friend birthday party. If you all recall we spent time last week kpicking out a suitable gift for Jude and talked a bit about birthdays. I tried not to mention the upcoming party too much last week so as not to be bombarded with the inevitable, " Is it today, Mommy?" etc... I managed not to really bring it up until Monday night.

Will awakened on Monday morning with his usual thundering steps downstairs, ran into the kitchen and announced, "We goin' to Jude's party now. I ready!" I had to explain that Jude's party did not begin until the evening (5 pm). Since being three does not include understanding the concept of time this pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. Periodically Will would tell me he was ready to go and I would respond, " not yet, Will, a little later." When I did tell him it was time to put on a clean shirt and get the wagon out of the garage you would have thought that he was on fast forward. I have never seen him get dressed that quickly! It was pretty funny!

We loaded up the wagon with Will, a blanket and Jude's gift. On the way we discussed and reminded Will that today was Jude's birthday and the cake and presents will be for him. I had deep concerns that he would just dive into opening the presents as if they were his.... this is a personal pet peeve of mine. I also have developed a "cake biting" phobia that was fueled by my best girlfriend's story years ago about a childs birthday party where one of the other little girls (not the birthday girl) actually leaned forward and took a bite out of the cake prior to singing "Happy Birthday!". Honestly, if Will did that I think I would .... well I don't know what I would do!

When we arrived at the party Jude's grandpa had brought a lawn tractor with a hay wagon attached for birthday Hayrides! It was awesome. Jude was so excited! He greated Will with his usual "Yea! Will Emmick is here!" followed by a big hug and kiss! At three the hug and kiss is really cute and he ALWAYS calls him "Will Emmick" never just "Will"! This was our kind of kid party, no ponies, bounce houses, major theme, outside entertainment etc... it was kids enjoying playing together on a beautiful fall evening having burgers, dogs and party cupcakes along with their parents. It was lots of fun.

Apparently my continual reminders about whose birthday it was made an impression and Will was outstanding. He sang nicely to Jude! More than once! and when presents were opened he did not even try to get to them. He did come over to me and say, "Mommy, those toys for Jude, right? I bein' good boy! " Yes, he was a good boy and he did well at his first birthday party. No cake biting, no gift grabbing, all in all a very nice experience. I hope this is the general trend!

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