Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping with Will

Let's just say to be diplomatic that this is not my idea of a fun afternoon... and usually it involves some type of bribe, which I am definitely not above. Today was one of those days. We had to go about half an hour away (topic for another post) to get to a store that is worth my time, in order to buy a birthday gift. Yes, Will has been invited to his first friend birthday party next week! Wheee! So... we go to buy the gift. We talked ALL THE WAY about picking out a nice gift for his friend Jude and NOT FOR HIM. We discussed birthdays and how he celebrated his at the beach with Zach and Evan. We arrive at the store. We get out of the car. Will announces , " I do the shoppin' today, Mommy! " Great, that means he thinks that whatever he puts in the cart will magically follow us home. I cut him off at the pass and suggest that if he "behaves in the store we will stop to get frosty's on the way home. (Enter the bribe)

We go to the toy section of Marshall's. Will begins to look (for Jude), coming up first with a saxophone from one of the Backyardigans ( we don't know that Jude even WATCHES the Backyardigans!) He pleads to take it home "just to try it", I (ogre mom) says " No we are focusing on Jude. think about behaving and getting to stop for icecream, okay." Now, realize that this same exchange happens about 37 more times nearly word for word. We finally settle on a gift. Thank you, Jesus!

Will put the gift items in the cart and turns to me and says, " I ready to go now. Let's pay for stuff and go home."
"Great!" I say.
Next, Will takes off as fast as he can around one of the displays in the store. He circles it four times before I catch him.
"What was that?" I ask
" I was running?" says Will(mastery of stating the obvious)
" Is that the way to act in the store if you want to get icecream? Are you behaving?"
" Yes, Mommy. I stop runnin' now"
"Good idea Will!"
"Mommy? I'm bein' have now, okay! I still get icecream."
" We'll see if you can make it out of the store."
"Mommy? "
"Yes, Will?"
" I get icecream. I bein' have everys weeks in the stores, okay?

So much for backing off the bribes... and you think they won't catch on because they're little..... RIIIGGGHHHTT!

(Apparently "have" with a long "a" sound, is what you "be" when you get icecream!)

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