Friday, September 25, 2009

More Space

I have a constant quest to make more space for Will to play, in the family room, the library, his bedroom. It would sound as though there is LOTS of room, but really not so much. We are currently at a stage where ALL of his toys seem to be large and the rooms in our 100+ year old house are very small, plentiful but small. It appears no one had the foresight to expect train tables and vats of legos in the future... alas.

This morning I decided to move a couple of things in the family room to see if a new arrangement of Will's things would net a few more feet of play space. All we had to do was switch a bookcase and Will's play kitchen... sounds simple, right? Note that nothing that you ever think is simple actually is and the difficulty increases exponentially when you factor in the age of house (sloping floors, small doorways etc... ) First I go to move the bookcase ( just slide it over) I pull it away from the wall and viola it nearly collapses as I push it over an uneven part of the floor. I shriek and begin to unload the bookcase (so much for the $25 " just for now" bookcase from WalMart) Just as I am taking off the final 67 golden books Will arrives in the kitchen having just awakened. And what does a three year old do when they see a stack of books as tall as they are on the floor of the kitchen? They knock it over!!! And run through it!!! UGH!

I push the bookcase a bit more, it leans a bit more, and I curse, under my breath a bit more! So I decide to go ahead and move parts of the play kitchen! A good plan is always to move on to step 2, if step 1 isn't going so well. Now I have a legitamit MESS on my hands. Enter Joe!

The room is a mess, the bookcase if falling over and the floor is covered in children's books and he asks, " What are doing? Did you HAVE to do this this morning and do you know that the bookcase is leaning?" REEAALLLYYY? I hadn't noticed? ( more under the breath) After ten minutes of unnecessary discussion he decides to help me move the decripit bookcase. Amazingly it is moved and in place in 2 minutes and and hour and a half later I have the whole room back in shape. I had mistakenly thought that this was a 20 minute project in total. I really ought to now better by now. I do these things all the time. But... Will likes his new play kitchen set up and the reat of the room does seem more open.... we'll see how long this lasts.... ho hum

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