Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monsters for Breakfast

Our mornings here at home are pretty low key. Will likes to get up, hang out in the bathroom and the closet with Daddy while he gets ready for work and then come downstairs to see me. Hopefully, if all has gone according to plan, I have had breakfast, completed a workout and finished at least one load of laundry BEFORE they arrive in the kitchen! I try very hard to make this happen, but it does involve my getting up when the alarm goes off at 5:30am!

Will's current video obsession is Pixar's Monster's Inc. He LOVES to have his breakfast on a tray table in our library room and watch the movie. I do believe I could recite from memory most of the dialogue. I am pleased that at least he has chosen a movie with a reasonably creative script and NOT something vile like The Wiggles to view over and over again.

I know that I am probably instilling bad habits in my son by allowing him to watch tv while eating breakfast and not sitting at the table for every meal... but I guess in the grand scheme of things this is what my sister, Lisa, would deem a 25 cent issue! So for the time being Will may eat and watch.

We head off to Indianapolis for the day today. I am continually bringing clothes to resale in Broadripple and Will can hang with my parents while I do the drop off and go to a really good grocery store. When we were there last week Grandma and Grandpa took Will to the ArtsPark at the Broadripple Art Center. There is a crooked house sculpture there that he really likes ecause you can go inside and walk around. He insists on playing ring around the rosie inside.... unique but very Will. On the way home we were talking in the car about the ArtsPark and I asked if he liked it. He replied, "Yes, but I don't want to go next time." I asked, "Why not?" He said, " I want to go to the one park with slides and swings and music. I go there next time, okay Mommy!" I had to think for a moment about what he was referring to and then I remembered that he had stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Nowak while Joe and I went out for our anniversary back in July and they had taken Will to Mcdonald's to get dinner and then ate at a picnic table in Broadripple Park during a "Jazz in the Park" event. He was able to eat, play and listen to music- a perfect Will evening and apparently even more of a hit than any of us had thought. I hope his interest in music translates into a desire to play an instrument at some point... that remains to be seen.

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