Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Weekly cookie bake!

So I have been baking ever since I cna remember! My mother is a champion baker and my sister and I carry on the line. I have vivid memories of my mother's kitchen, and lets face it a kitchen really does belong to the mother in the family even if they are not the cook, chances are they are the ones who chose the decor! I have been baking with Will long before he would remember the projects and today was our weekly baking project. It consisted of something basic: chocolate chip cookies. I have tried hundreds of recipies over the years and have finally settled on one that seems a good base with a few minor tweeks. Joe loves them and so does Will.
Will "helps" by dragging in his chair from the dining room and planting himself as close to "on the counter" as possible. I let him put in the butter and the chips when the time comes. He likes to watch me turn the mixer on high speed when I put the flour mixture in so that it creates a cloud of dust that takes a while to clean up post baking. I used to like the same thing as a child so I do it and he laughs- a lot! I have found that Will's main contribution to the baking process at his age (3) is the quality control (tasting the dough). He has probably eaten more than enough of it in the past few months. I have found that much to my chagrin that the favored Nestle chips have not been tasting nearly as good as I remember so having switched to Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips has been key. We are now waiting for the cookies to bake and will taste the warm cookies with a glass of milk. How very Martha, or very Beaver of us....

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