Monday, September 21, 2009

Thrift Stores

So... here is the deal with thrift stores like Goodwill and ALL the other ones. They are inherently wonderful as long as you go into it with the idea that it is sort of like a hunt. You may find what you are looking for or you may find something that you never thought you'd like or need BUT you have to have it. I love thrift stores and I am trying to make Will a fan as well. We average about twice a month at the local Goodwill. He loves going over to the children's books and toys. We find great books and videos. You can't beat the price of the videos at about $2 and books for $.50! I was able to stock our Disney movie collection for a whopping $5 and we are working on completing the "Little Critter" series a la Goodwill. I am not a big fan of the clothing selections, but the stuff is FAB! People who have visited our house over the years have asked where I find a lot of my seasonal decor... most of it is second hand!! The coolest stuff anyway! Joe thinks I am crazy but this year I had my moment... I subscribe to "Country Living" magazine. I receive the October issue and flip through the first pages to my favorite section "what's it worth?" There on the pages are not ONE but TWO of my favorite Halloween finds, a vintage trick-or-treat bag and a collection of noise makers. Joe is not a fan of either but Will LOVES the noise makers. The bag appraised at $65 and the noise makers $150!!! HA!!! As I always say he/she with the best eye wins!!! More thrift stores for me!

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