Monday, September 21, 2009

I've Got a cold in my Nose... ACHOO!

So Will has a VERY runny nose. Nothing too unusual about that, huh? But, it is the very first time that I remember him sounding like he has a stuffy. He must know that he sounds funny because this morning he got frustrated with the fact that I couldn't understand what he was saying. It took me five or six attempts to get " I want another pancake, please Mommy" out of " I bont nudder pickache, p mob!" It was pretty funny and he let out a BIG sigh when I finally repeated the phrase he was actually trying to say.

I have discovered that Will is a perfect name for him. He exhibits great strength of willpower when it comes to something he wants or perceives he wants/needs. I had the audacity to leave the room after telling him I was going upstairs to get a load of laundry. I had just asked if he wanted to watch something on tv and he was satisfied with the program that was on... 3 seconds later... he proceeded to meltdown because I had "left" and he wanted "Max and Ruby". It took him nearly half and hour to stop wailing about the situation. It ended when I told him I was going to sit on the floor and wail, too because I was upset about his continual meltdowns. I "wailed" for about 30 seconds when he came past the doorway, leaned his head in and said, "Mommy, I stopped cryin' already. Can we go downstairs now and have lunch." Meltdown over, move on... I hope that was all for today. Although I would never admit it to him the sitting on the floor and wailing thing does work out some frustration... hmmmmm...

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